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Big move, new home


The relaunch of swissmilk.ch was dedicated to a facelift of the look. This was combined with the implementation of a modern Headless CMS. It also meant migrating of the largest Swiss recipe database.

Milk, Marketing, Magazine


The new online presence of the SMP cooperative communicates everything related to Swiss milk. The classic information style has been replaced by a magazine format, which is more relaxed, entertaining and direct to the content, providing background information and creating incentives to buy.

Lovely? Lovely!


The black and white chequered cow with the name Lovely has been the star of Swiss milk advertising for decades. Even after the relaunch of the website, she is still on the road as an ambassador. At the bottom right of each individual page, Lovely playfully draws attention to a variety of aspects in connection with Swiss milk.

Experience Milk


Short video snippets in Instagram Story Style give insights into the origin and quality of our milk, the lives of Swiss farmers and the wide range of dairy products. If you want to know more, you are always just one click away from detailed information on the topics that have caught your eye.

Recipes, surprising and screen optimized


Browse, get inspired, filter, research - and get suggestions while you're searching. The recipe pages themselves make cooking easier: Desktop with a split scroll view that always keeps an eye on the ingredients; mobile in full-screen mode that avoids distractions for concentrated preparation.

Consumers and Producers


swissmilk.ch is aimed at people who consume milk and its products. The Swissmilk producers website, which was launched at the same time, is integrated into the website and is aimed at Swiss milk producers. With everything there is to say about the market and politics. And with hands-on specialist information provided by the association.

Headless is smart. And efficient

Swissmilk is our first major project that we've implemented “headless”. New is, that the management of the content is fully decoupled from its presentation. A headless CMS enables the use of once captured content via specific interfaces in several channels - from the website to mobile apps to print products. Pure efficiency.

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