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The new website is the visible and versatile expression of Swiss Re's consistent digitisation process. For the first time, the core knowledge and information platform connect any content of the globally active reinsurer – gapless, clearly structured, addressing all stakeholders.


Rich contents, simple solution


For more than 150 years and in an increasingly complex environment, Swiss Re has accumulated an immense treasure of specialist knowledge and expertise. Redesigning the website offered the opportunity to structure this treasure, and make it accessible and usable.

Communicative Fusion

The new website reflects the company and its diverse business units. The goal was to unite and present previously independent platforms under one roof and in one digital presence. This required the harmonisation and centralisation of different cultures and communication styles. Thus, internally creating awareness for one corporate identity.

Design meets tagging


Bold images, short titles and a simple layout. The direct path to content leads through a clear and reduced UI. It's supported by intelligently placed interaction elements that simplify desired interactions. From basic knowledge to research findings, from events to press releases, a smart tagging system connects content and makes it identifiable.

Content Creation, CMS & Coding

Concept, architecture and design are one thing, the creation of multimedia content another. The redesign showcases how high-quality images and well-formulated text enrich one another. The practical implementation of all content and the continuous development of the project are long-lasting processes that are primarily supported by the various departments of Swiss Re – accompanied and supported by the external team. From consulting to creation to coding. Magnolia was a focused backend partner right from the start.

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