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Milestone, progress, fine-tuning


With the relaunch of swiss.com in 2014, an airline website was responsively implemented for the first time in all its complexity. With the 2017 update, we interpreted the new Swiss brand image digitally and implemented specific customer requirements in terms of content.

Made of Switzerland

From the key idea to the design concept: Swiss is unmistakably Swiss. With swiss.com, we present the digital implementation of classic Swiss design and typography which characterise the new brand identity at all levels.

Branding, right down to the last detail


The deeper the user delves into the website, the more they discover the Made in Switzerland world, which is: offers, experiences and all the services which make the brand unique.

Whatever you need, whatever you use

Differentiated studies and surveys have revealed untapped potential:
Customers want more travel inspiration and more special offers. We have picked up this ball and run with it, by highlighting both topics on the homepage during the redesign.

Places to go


Carefully researched information about hotels, restaurants, museums and attractions, personal crew-tips plus feeds from Tripadvisor, Google Places and Foursquare make every Swiss destination come alive and tangible.


From the booking to the personal cockpit

Redesign involves focussing on booking - in a transparent, practical and individual manner. The individual journey is continued in the personal cockpit, which displays all booked flights and provides the customer with personalised information during all stages of their trip.


Lazy loading, fast surfing

Dynamic Lazy Loading defines the pattern according to which the structure of the site and its contents are sequentially loaded, following the specific query. Lazy Loading offers the user on swiss.com an optimal mix of quality and speed.

App 'n' App

The Swiss Mobile App customises and simplifies travel, for example, with stored tickets and boarding passes. A new iPad app is a personal logbook of all flights with Swiss.

Collaboration between Swiss and Hinderling Volkart

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