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World of Swiss

Why is Swiss a premium airline? Because it is made of Switzerland. The airline incorporates everything Swiss, from its chocolate, the perfect hospitality to its reliability and perfection. All these qualities can be discovered on its brand experience platform World of Swiss, launched in 2014.

A digital brand experience


The touchpoints of Swiss, its communication about offers and services, are shifting towards the digital ecosystem of the airline. This is why Swiss has create a digital storytelling and brand experience platform with World of Swiss. The airline, its values and how it lives and works, is experienced in digital high definition.

Virtual discoveries


The user embarks on a virtual journey through the clouds of Swiss. The off canvas navigation appears and guides the journey towards background stories told through video. A visit in the cockpit, the cabin, the employees and Swiss values and engagement are highlights of the journey.

Passion for airplanes


World of Swiss explains all airplanes in the Swiss fleet in every detail possible. The route network can be discovered and all planes en route can be tracked in realtime.

The live route network shows all planes tracked in realtime.


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Content, Aesthetics, Hightech


Authentic movies produced carefully to highlight the relevant information, smart connections programmed into a connected framework of content assets: Our in-house developed 3D engine helps running the performance intense website at high speed on any browser or device.

Best Travel Site 2014

Soon after launching, World of Swiss became Site of the Month at the FWA and was discussed intensely on social media. The win at Edi.14 was described with the words: "High quality and outstanding technology for a brand building online platform with multimedia background information." Or as the CSS design awards wrote: «Best Travel Site 2014 is... World of Swiss!»

Collaboration between Swiss and Hinderling Volkart

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- Best of Swiss Web 2015 - ADC Switzerland 2015

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