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Martin Suter

More and more people read less printed books but more online publications. Hence, Swiss writer Martin Suter publishes new, unpublished and long-forgotten pieces exclusively on his personal website. Straight from the author to the reader.

Text on demand

Every month, the website gets updated multiple times. Martin Suter releases new «Business Class» columns and «Geri Weibel stories», «Works in Progress», lyrics, audio samples of his novels, memories. Surprises. All at 6 Swiss Francs a month or 60 Swiss Francs per year.

More freedom, more profile, more impact

Online literature shortens ways and simplifies processes. Martin Suter directly meets readers using whatever, however, and whenever he wants. Everything is more personal than in conventional structures. martin-suter.com sharpens himself as a brand and intensifies the relationship with his target reader group.

Letter, word, sentence

From print to screen text. Everything is more reduced and more consistent than the original. Everything is aligned in justified text. Titles are presented in capitals. Depending on a text composition, line breaks may even occur in words, consisting of only three or fewer characters. Resulting spacings that would be intolerable in traditional typography characterize the appareance of the website.

High-end Typo Coding


A separate logic has been applied to justified titles and page breaks. Text resolves letter by letter as typesetting is browsers limit by default. To ensure performance, the layout is measured in bundled steps and adjusted if necessary. Complex visual effects only appear on visible elements.

Digital Media Campaigns


Already in the development phase of the website, Martin Suter launched a promotional campaign featuring unique and distinctive formats. Monological dialogues on Instagram, verses on Twitter - text experiments in digital space. A playful reference to the primary hub: the website.

Collaboration between Martin Suter and Hinderling Volkart

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