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A virtual time travel through music history.

50 Years Swiss Hit Parade

What if you could travel back in time to hear what the swiss charts sounded like for the last 50 years? Together with data expert D One, we created a special website for the big anniversary of the Swiss hit parade: The user dives into a digital time-sound cosmos and scrolls through half a century of music history – from hit to hit, emerging like stars in the sky. The journey begins on January 2,1968 with the then No. 1 hit "Monja" and leads to Ed Sheeran's "Perfect", No.1 at the beginning of this year. In between you'll find all 10'939 songs that made it into the official CH charts. We invite you to be nostalgic and fall in love with music again.


Data Driven Web Experience

The song that is playing can be viewed with the most important information – musician, title, date and rank along with all positions in the ranking. An automated request of parameters to Spotify helps characterizing each song, and makes the mood of the music visible. The farther to the left a song is placed, the slower and melancholic it is, the farther to the right, the faster and happier it is.

Performance first

The website offers a spectacular and emotional experience, while the technology behind is complex and smart. How is the platform handling the huge amounts of data without compromising speed and display quality? "A bit like magic" as our Frontend Guru Sev Klaus would say.

Facts and Visualizations

The data set of the Swiss Hitparade is one of the world's most comprehensive collections on mainstream music. The interactive experience plays only with a small part of it. More interesting data is visualized on several extra platforms – from words in song titles, acoustic keys and cover versions to Swiss songs and artists in the first 50 years of the CH hit-parade.

Collaboration between SRF and Hinderling Volkart

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