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The world's first vegetarian restaurant remains a pioneer. The new website offers a new way of discovering and experiencing the Hiltl universe: Playful videos directly lead from the homepage to the world of food, academy, clubs and the history, that began in 1898.


Relaunch & Rebranding

As part of the project, reflecting on the brand identity led to a soft rebranding. A reduced typeface and an inspiring visual language enrich the appearance of this traditional brand in all its facets and provide a contemporary and playful touch - in the digital and analogue world.

Hiltl Experience


People know Hiltl. But hardly anyone knows the breadth and depth of their overall offering. Hiltl is not only a restaurant chain but also catering and cooking courses, clubs and parties, seminars and events. Therefore, the new website's heart is a scroll experience. Videos shot from a bird's perspective offer a glimpse into the venues and people there, and they bring them to life. Furthermore, they help users to quickly navigate.

Information & Inspiration


Visiting the new website offers an intuitive hike through horizontal page transitions, vertical scrolling, and it leads to concise, clear and comprehensive content such as vast galleries offering high-quality photographs.

Map & more


Eight times Hiltl in Zurich. An interactive map shows real-time availabilities. Which locations are currently open? What exactly do they offer and when are they open? This map even shows, when Haus Hiltl on Sihlstrasse and Hiltl Sihlpost transform into clubs on Friday nights.

Shopping is a feeling

Hiltl's new webshop is seamlessly integrated and makes any product and service available online. Buying a bottle of wine is as easy as ordering a whole buffet. Ordering a cookbook is as simple as registering for a cooking class. Hiltl is digitally accessible in a playful manner and in all its facets.

Collaboration between Hiltl and Hinderling Volkart

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