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Edelweiss Booking Engine

Some holiday destinations are served on daily but on a seasonal level. Standard online flight bookings solutions do not account for that. Therefore, Edelweiss customers start their booking in a clearly structured calendar view that offers available destinations and alternatives. It's so innovative and intuitive that the desire for holidays increases.


Smart destination selection


Despite offering more than 70 destinations, Edelweiss doesn't cover every potential one. The new booking engine offers alternatives in case a user's desired holiday destination is not available.

«Mini Calendar»


A calendar structured by months provides a quick overview of available and served routes. This is particularly useful and efficient, as Edelweiss customers book their flights usually six months in advance.

«Big Calendar»


This calendar view takes the desired number of passengers in comparison to the current number of bookings into consideration and shows a first indicative price per person. Lowest price included.

Top-down instead of left-2-right

The entire booking process is confined to one page. Completed steps return brief summaries. A vertical rather than a horizontal interaction flow allows users to scroll up, review booking details and change them at any point.

The Dialog System


During the process, a dialogue box offers explanations and instructions. This helps a user navigate, and it provides guidance.

Early seat reservation


Sometimes, selecting a flight depends on the number of seats available. Edelweiss customers can reserve their seats when selecting a class – a novelty in the airline industry.

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